Elisa Padrón Elisa Padrón


handwoven wallhanging




Size: 114x125cm

Material: New Zealand wool, Indian wool undyed, handspun Philodendron leaves undyed

Technique: handwoven flatweave

Display: ready to hang on the wall

Edition: unique piece

Display system: ready to hang on the wall

Philodendron leaves: endemic to tropical rainforests, with a unique clay-copper hue. Process: gathering, washing, drying, moistening, hantwisting, weaving, and finishings.

Every wall hanging is proudly handwoven in our studio in Barcelona. We take great care in selecting both the materials and suppliers we work with. Vegetal fibers are manually sourced from the Canary Islands, which is Elisa’s home.

As each piece is handmade, there are unique variations in shape and color that showcase the manual process with pride. We firmly believe that reclaimed materials have the potential to be transformed into high-end products.

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